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There was nothing really suspicious about a pair of twelve-year-old boys walking home from school with their fifteen-year old neighbor girl but she wanted to be as safe as possible. They were all she had to work with and they needed all the coaching she could give but her lessons were always eclipsed by their unbridled excitement. To them it was little more than a thrilling new game.You boys need to calm down and keep quiet or Ill just go on home, she warned them. Just then she heard a clomp, clomp, clomp coming from behind. Physically, they got close but they just could not quite scratch where she itched.They called him The Stone Man and were absolutely terrified of him.Perhaps it was his size; he was a big, strong man of well over six feet.In spite of their unnatural fear of The Stone Man, this was where Sadie and the boys made their winter fun. She knelt behind a big tree and Seth knelt beside her, Timmy crouched low and crept up on the old shack.It was sheltered from the elements, secluded, and relatively clean. Boldest of the three, Seth yielded to his passion and his hands went to the hem of Sadies skirt.Regardless, the four dreaded him beyond all reason and took great pains to avoid him and the terrible wrath they imagined him to have.

He was a gentle sort of fellow who was always helping the mothers of the neighborhood when the men went off for the war effort. She resented playing her friends against each other.The three soon forgot all about Dave and excitedly advanced on their objective.He had always been very kind to Sadie and her mother and Sadie had been warned many times by her mother to not bother him but rather treat him with respect.The children had their own impression of the old man.

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